Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fish Food!

What is your favorite food? Is it spaghetti? Or maybe it's chilly ice cream? Well, if seafood is your favorite and you live in Angola, chances are it came from Ambriz!

Today, the UNDP along with locally-based organizations have begun to implement a plan to make a life of fishing easier for all in Ambriz. The Fishermen Cooperative was created to better organize the relationship between the fishers and to support the creation of 30 individual fishing businesses. Planning for the future, Ambriz has started a youth training program, training 10 youth over the period of six months to take positions in the cooperative as mechanics, electricians, and other useful roles.

At this point in time, 90% of Ambriz has enrolled into the program and are effectively fishing and making gains in their community. So the next time you are sitting down to a herb-crusted salmon or a beer-battered fillet of whiting, think about the fishermen!