Wednesday, February 25, 2009

R&R = Rubble and Reconstruction

After the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict has seemingly ended, the new task of helping rebuild the Gaza strip is underway, partially with the help of $613 million requested for the removal of rubble and deliverance of basic necessities. After 22 days of violent conflict about 68 government buildings, 14,000 private homes, and 31 NGO buildings have been either partially or completely destroyed according to UNDP. The $613 million request by the UN flash appeal will include a portion of which will be used to help remove the 600,000 tons of concrete rubble so reconstruction can begin.

For assessing the damages in Gaza, several different teams have been deployed to examine area such as health education, agriculture, infrastructure and environment that will help determine what should be done to get Gaza back on a path for sustainable development. The rubble removal alone will provide 200,000 work days for unemployed gazans.

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