Friday, March 30, 2007

UN Gives Back to the Environment

The UN has long been active in confronting the challenges of climate change and promoting alternative energy. Now they will begin leading by example.

In the small country of Montenegro, the UN is constructing a "green" office. The plans will go along with the new One UN projects in 5 test countries of combining the efforts of the different UN agencies under one roof to be more effective.

The structure will be built off the banks of the River Moracia in the City of Podgorica and will be completely self sufficient using no outside energy sources to run. The roof is a single slab that is perforated with large openings for natural ventilation and lighting purposes. Photovoltaic cells floating above the roof slab act as a shading device while also providing enough energy to meet the building’s estimated annual energy demands. The ventilation system works on the displacement principal, using the heat generated in the interior to drive the movement of air. This is a wonderful example of the steps forward the UN is taking to be more effective and care the environment.