Wednesday, March 21, 2007

UNDP Investment in Haiti

With much hard effort and work by both the UNDP and the Haitian government the country has become a land of opportunity and success. Haiti just recently had its democratically elected government that has the trust of the people. This is a great start to building a successful nation, but the world must also build from this. The UNDP urged the UN to continue support for the ongoing project with the UNDP. The Canadian government has responded with $10 million in aid. This aid will go to UNDP's 2 primary goals in supporting the reforms of the police and the judicial system as well as curbing criminal activity in the urban and suburban areas of. This will also go the the rehabilitation of areas that have been heavily affected by gang violence. UNDP claims that unless the people and the government of Haiti receive renewed support from the international community then the affects of has been accomplished might be dampered