Monday, April 16, 2007

Mapping Darfur

Today's news that Sudan will finally allow a UN peace keeping force into Darfur is good to hear. However, it will still take a great deal of work and support by the world community to restore peace and security - let alone beginning the process of development.

Google is helping raise awareness of the situation by allowing people to see updated satellite footage in Google maps. One of the biggest challenges development organizations face is telling the story of those that are impacted by their programs - from the individual mother that finally afford to feed her children thanks to a small business started by a micro loan to the community-wide change that results from improved government policies or programs like the Millennium Village. Hopefully technology can continue to help play an important role in not only helping us tell their stories better, but enable them to tell it themselves.

By the way, for a quick rundown on things the UN is already doing in Darfur, check out the work of UNDP, WFP, and UNICEF.