Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Morocco Fights Desertification

Brad Pitts movie Babel details the frantic Pitt struggling to keep his wife alive after being shot in the harsh Moroccan desert. Living in the desert is a reality for millions of Moroccans every day and that number is growing. The Moroccan government knows the problems that will come with desertification meaning less people will have the simple resources needed to survive such as water.

To do something about it the Moroccan government is teaming up with UNDP to preserve resources and help expand oases. The program works with local villages to teach the people ways to conserve water because when drought and hard times come the people plunge deeper into the scarce resources which ends up destroying the resource entirely. This projects will also alleviate poverty for many people by providing a more diverse use of resources to help those in poverty survive. Education will be the most effective tool in providing citizens with information on how to keep the environment sustainable.