Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Aveda Supporting Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Aveda , the makeup and skin care company, announced today a new partnership with the UNDP Equator Initiative to support environmentally sustainable entrepreneurship by Indigenous groups around the world.

Leading by example, Aveda's strategic business development puts environmental leadership and responsibility at the forefront. "A Dialogue for the Future" will highlight Aveda's sustainable business partnerships with the Yawanawa tribe in Brazil, and Australia's Indigenous Communities of aboriginal peoples of Kuktabubba from whom the Company sources uruku and sandalwood, respectively. A series of events on May 22nd and 23rd presents an opportunity for business leaders to embrace indigenous wisdom inspiring new ideas and support for conducting business in a socially and environmentally conscious manner.

Aveda is a really interesting company that has embraced an environmental sustainability policy because they

also believe that profit and environmental responsibility will increasingly work together as more industries find out that "nature works" for both sustainability and the bottom-line.