Monday, June 18, 2007

Africa Progress Panel

Despite promises of increased aid on the part of the international community and better governance on the part of the African leaders, the continent's long-term development has somehow been left behind.

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan formed the Africa Progress Panel in June precisely to address this challenge. This independent group aims to put Africa back on track with respect to the Millennium Development Goals, ensuring that both Africans and donors live up to their commitments. The article, New group breathes fresh hope in Africa, quotes Annan:

“It is vital that Africa lead its own development process. The imperative lies with African leaders to make a difference. Africa’s effort to improve governance and place international development goals, such as the MDGs, at the centre of their policies have shown positive results.”

Other members of the panel include Michel Camdessus, Peter Eigen, Bob Geldof, Robert Rubin, Graca Machel and Muhammed Yunus, a group that includes development experts, businessmen, and Nobel Laureates.

More information on the Panel can be found here.