Wednesday, June 6, 2007


In the very long run, the true measure of success for development organizations is whether a country is able to grow, prosper, and no longer need aid. The small Baltic country of Lithuania is one success story. Since the end of the Cold War, with the help of organizations like UNDP, they have been able to transition to a flourishing democracy with a flourishing market economy. In 2004 their success was recognized with their acceptance into the EU and WTO.

While Lithuania needs help from UNDP less and less, they have learned valuable lessons that can help other developing countries. To help them begin making the transition from recipient to donor, UNDP has launched the Time to Help Others campaign. If you speak Lithuanian, you can check out the tv spot they produced.
The campaign is designed to "inform the public about development... increase awareness of development issues among members of the Parliament... establishing a database of Lithuanian [development] experts as well as defining the areas in which Lithuania can co-operate" and helping the government create their own overseas development agency.