Friday, June 22, 2007

More Development Awards

The UNDP has recently announced the recipients of its 5 Human Development Awards, which are granted every 2 years. These awards honor National and Regional Human Development Reports that successfully influence development policy. These reports are prepared by national teams in UNDP Country Offices.

The 2006 awards were given to teams in:

1. Costa Rica, Excellence in HD Innovations-Concepts OR Measurement
2. Chhatisgarh, India, Excellence in Participation and Capacity Building Process
3. China, Excellence in Policy Analysis and Influence
4. Guinea-Bissau, Excellence in Support of the Millennium Development Goals:
5. Asia Pacific, Excellence and Innovation across HDR corporate principles for a Regional HDR

In 2006, the UNDP HD Report focused on water and its impact on poverty. This year, the theme will be 'Human Development and Climate Change,' one of the greatest challenges facing the UNDP in the upcoming decades.