Monday, July 2, 2007

2007 MDG Report Released

Today, halfway through the set MDG deadline, the UN released its annual Millennium Development Goals Report, which provides a progress update for the UN system and the general public.

Unsurprisingly, the report shows that progress has been uneven across the globe, with the fewest gains made in sub-Saharan Africa. That being said, all regions have made advances on at least a few of the goals, and none have moved backwards.

Though the findings of this year's report are not 100% positive, statistics show that there has been a upward spike in development indicators, such as poverty, health and education, since the Millennium Summit in 2000. This shows that UNDP's efforts--along with all of its partners--have made a difference. A comprehensive development framework has slowly been put into place which will allow exponential progress toward the MDGs in the future.

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon had the following to say about progress on the MDGs:
"We will have time to reach the Millennium Development Goals – worldwide and in most, or even all, individual countries – but only if we break with business as usual. We cannot win overnight. Success will require sustained action across the entire decade between now and the deadline. It takes time to train the teachers, nurses and engineers; to build the roads, schools and hospitals; to grow the small and large businesses able to create the jobs and income needed. So we must start now. And we must more than double global development assistance over the next few years. Nothing less will help to achieve the Goals."