Wednesday, July 18, 2007

UNDP's Anniversary in Lebanon

Immediately after war broke out one year ago in Lebanon, the High Relief Committee - a Lebanese national entity dealing with the humanitarian crisis - called upon UNDP to use its strong presence in the country to assist in the reconstruction effort. A week later, UNDP was on the ground.

Along with the Prime Minister's Office, UNDP drafted the Quick Delivery - High Impact report on the projects for the post-ceasefire period in order to coordinate critical early recovery initiatives. Focus areas included repairing infrastructure, clearing rubble, cleaning up oil spills, and restoring fishermen's livelihoods.


Nicolas M. Farah, the mayor of Alma Al Chaab, a town in Southern Lebanon, praised UNDP's work in the aftermath of the conflict. His words speak for themselves:

During this last war…I remained in the village until July 27 helping the families with food distribution, securing a safe place for the children and ensuring their evacuation to safer villages or to Beirut…UNDP was always the prime supporter for us...Many organizations visited the village and promised to help us, only UNDP acted so quickly and implemented its intervention as of the cessation of hostilities. We were impressed by its integrity, honesty, transparency and legitimacy…UNDP's capacity for constant supervision, follow up and technical assistance will avoid any wasting of resources and funding. Moreover, I believe that the direct coordination with local authorities in the villages and the long experience of the UNDP field officers and their knowledge of the area and its needs is the reason for [UNDP’s] effectiveness.

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