Monday, August 20, 2007

Tell us what the UN does, daily

The UN, a large and complex organization, accomplishes an incredible amount in one day. To let everyone else know what's been happening in the NY headquarters and around the world, Michele Montas serves as the Spokesperson for Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. The Noon Briefing, announced daily, summarizes new and ongoing projects and initiatives.

Today, the United Nations:

  • Stands ready to support relief efforts with other measures, including the release of emergency funds for Hurricane Dean,
  • Allocated 8.7 million dollars to support the ongoing humanitarian response for flood victims in Sudan,
  • Inaugurated the new Implementation Support Unit for the convention on Biological Weapons.
To find out more about the daily ccomplishments and business of the UN, click here. (Slightly less reader friendly are the UN's daily press releases, but give them a go if you're looking for day-to-day minutiae.)