Monday, October 1, 2007

Celebrities Against Poverty

People listen when sports stars have something to say. Maria Sharapova recently joined up with NBA star LeBron James to spearhead the "Team Up Against Poverty" intiative, launched by the UN Development Program to raise awareness about the Millennium Development Goals. Essentially, the stars will use their celebrity to publicize the MDGs and encourage greater action to achieve them by the 2015 deadline.

With the help of world-renowned photographers, Sharapova, James and a total of 50 other celebrities will participate in a series of advertisements promoting the MDGs. These include eradicating povery, improving access to education, promoting women's rights and providing adequate health care. UNDP is responsible for coordinating the specific actions relating to each goal.

Sharapova has experience in using her fame to rally support for important causes. Appointed a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador in February 2007, she has supported the MDG campaign, as well as specific development programs in Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Hopefully her fame and experience will provide "Team Up Against Poverty" the necessary push it needs to suceed. Let's bring the MDGs to the mainstream.