Monday, January 7, 2008

Oil and Grain in the Midst of Pain

Sunday was no day of rest for the United Nations which spent the day transporting oil and grain to citizens of Kenya. After highly contested election results, many people in this East African Nation have taken the streets, contributing to national insecurity.

The United Nations, in conjunction with the Red Cross, has stepped up to mitigate the problems caused by the violence. They have moved in to provide oil and grain for the people of Mathare, a cluster of slums in the nations capital, after bursts of post-election instability.

Because of such strife in Kenya, 250,000 people have been displaced, 300-500 have died, and many local businesses have been stuck in a standstill. These disruptions have prevented citizens from accessing basic resources needed to maintain their usual day-to-day lifestyle.
In the midst of this painful situation, you can help those Nairobi.

To help continue the work of the United Nations and other transnational organizations, donate to groups such as the World Food Program or UNICEF. Your contributions will assist these agencies in providing oil, grain, and other resources to those in Kenya.