Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nice Awards

Peace and Cooperation, an affiliate of the United Nations, announced its 2008 Peace and Cooperation School Award. The award was announced at UN headquarters. The theme of the award, “water for all” reflected goals promulgated by the United Nations Development Programme and by the Millennium Development Goals, which Peace and Cooperation recognizes as a vehicle that encourages progressive strides toward expanding clean water to people worldwide.

Airline Ambassadors, a humanitarian group affiliated with the UN, is cosponsoring the award. They have also sponsored international school awards relating to human rights, gender equality, and hunger. They hope that recognizing schools worldwide with the support of the UN will help increase awareness of global issues to teachers, students, and other campus affiliates.

The Peace and Cooperation School Award is one of many awards given by this non-governmental organization to recognize humanitarian efforts conducted around the globe.

Go to to learn more about Peace and Cooperation’s awards and how they use recognition as an educational tool.