Wednesday, October 8, 2008

UN Vows to Continue Fight against Global Poverty, Despite Economic Obstacles

United Nation’s Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, has pledged relentless commitment on behalf of the United Nations to combating global poverty, even in face of concrete challenges. Speaking from United Nation’s headquarters in New York City, he said, “Everyone has felt the earthquake on Wall Street. But it has not shaken our resolve. Banks may be failing. But the world’s bottom billion can bank on us.” Despite seriously troubled economic circumstances, in September, member nations pledged sixteen billion dollars to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals, a positive sign that the goals may be met by their target year, 2015. A general consensus seems to exist among member states that hard economic times are no reason to slow poverty reduction and development efforts. In addition to continued financial support, Secretary General Ban also asserted the importance of progress in the Doha Round and the possibility of expanding the G-8. While the dramatically growing prices of food and fuel are not good news for anyone, the world’s poor can rest assured that the United Nations, as always, will strive to keep the battle against the global poverty pandemic at the forefront of the international agenda.