Friday, October 10, 2008

UNICEF Aims to Increase Road Safety

Iran, a nation with twenty times the global average number of annual traffic deaths, is poised to benefit tremendously from a UNICEF led program aimed at reducing traffic mortality and injury. UNICEF’s campaign, which primarily focuses on the youth population, intends to raise awareness regarding important safety procedures and precautions, like reducing speed, wearing seatbelts, ensuring children are seated in proper restraints in the car’s back seat, and enforcing the use of helmets for bicycles and motorcycles. UNICEF will implement this program in partnership with various Iranian agencies and authorities with the hopes of dramatically reducing the number of young people who die as a result of traffic accidents. Currently, about 2,700 children under the age of fifteen and 28,000 people total die in auto-related accidents; an effectively employed effort by UNICEF will help protect the safety of Iranian children.